Welcome to my homa page. Here are the partial results of my exploration in between realms.

The untouchable piece of art placed on white rooms has been a paradigm even in the fields of digital galleries that insist in replicate that common place even as a way to criticize it. It is a way of cultural validation similar to what an artist does when citing the work of another predecessor to nurture and create networks between their work and time. A formality that allows an appropriate context to our mental programs .

In this search for new contexts for the display of data I have found in the realm of 3d a place where we can experience and transmute an artwork of many naive and meaningful ways . Ancient Computing is a time capsule intended to be deployed in a number of installations and objects such as pen drives or DVD editions . We hope that in the future you are not already doing this . Others may . Since the nature of the project is to be in constant construction, each version will be subject to changes and additions.

It began in 2012 as a reformulation of the curatorial approaches in the field of Internet and the User era. A/C functions as an exhibition space that exists in a 3D environment, packaged in a software available for mac and windows. It shows art and data related to computer culture, amateurism, broadband aesthetics and the artist addressing concepts related to our relationship with technology, using an exhibition model inspired in theme parks, tourism ceo and first-person shooter games but without a formal competitive and informative narrative. The works displayed are not isolated in their own context but will rather form part of an ecosystem to explore.

It is an allegory of computer culture and a new kind of animism. User experience is created by taking different routes and exploration levels where certain interactions with the environment detonate different things. The levels have been built in part with the stuff I've gathered from the production of online 3D modeling communities during the first decade of the 2000s. Most of the elements on these levels have been found in forums and websites. Also key is the presence of the work of many artists and organizations whose donations are part of the whole environment and must be fully recognized in the computer island.

I wonder if some of these people who are heavily involved in the 3d industrial-scale development may recognize some of these models and put them in a context in time. We expect them to communicate in the right moment. I also wonder what would mean't if someone recognizes it in 500 years, or there would be any people interested in these old rustic poligons covered with old fashioned shaders. Or how boring that can be. At least it was fun and meaningful to me.

I think of those old financial software diskettes or cassettes with games for learning multiplication as tiny primitive organisms. They are there, stored in boxes within boxes forming a digital fossil. You can also think of them as just a bunch of useless data except for instagram. I should add that feature too. All these time pills . It may sound romantic . Many cultures have made huge leaps and disconnections between their current memory and the past and its links with other cultures; is a memory leak. So we have to go to some special places to remember or fantasize.

The computer in the water is a fertile island with vegetation free download and other machines from different eras. A scenario that serves as a monument to the technological drift it has triggered a fertile individualism and its relationship with online communities and their implications for the creation of new genres and subcultures or subsequent replication.

The island is also a portal home and entry to an underground level where a complex of temples dedicated to different elements of current value and worship , such as anxiety or beauty device network is located. It was in these areas of reflection that this kingdom began to relate with various artists and organizations with which I contacted inviting them to donate or contribute to this project. Temples / Ideas : branding , ownership , biotechnology , anxiety data , digital value , map , exorealidad , constantly updated , membership .

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