2012 robot delincuente
with Ignacio Nieto & Manuel Orellana

Manuel Orellana and Ignacio Nieto invited me to collaborate on a project for a bienal or something which involved the creation of a very agressive robot. It was code-named f14170n64s or FLAITONGAS and was made of a rustic pvc arm holding a knife that was able to move using a pulley system with a motorized base taken from a blender. The robot whas activated every time someone connected his smarphone or computer to a wifi network transmitted by the robot itself. My part was to design the sound element of the robot so i composed a set of tiraeras that was aleatory triggered when the user connected to the wifi network.

The name was a mixture between two representative elements from the Chilean idiosyncrasy: the flaite life/style and a crappy robot from the chilean public tv of the eighties called tongas which was also able to possess computers.

Photo documentation by Manuel Orellana