Ancient Computing ,

A curatorial initiative using video-game methodologies as a tactical tool for the experience of digital art. A/C is an exhibition space that exists as a 3D environment available for mac and windows. It allows the user to experience art and data related to computer culture, amateurism, broadband aesthetics and the display of work by artists/users addressing concepts related to human relationship with technology, using an exhibition model inspired in theme parks, tourism and first-person shooters but without a competitive or an informative narrative. The works displayed are not isolated in their own context like museums or hanged in white walls as in galleries but instead they form part of an open ecosystem simulacra available for free exploration.

intended as a project always under construction, the last iteration was exhibited in 2013 and available for download at EspacioByte Museum (Bs.As.)



early render over epistemological water

Ancient Computing DVD

Packaging design for

reality slices (concept)