[ʎaŋˈkin], yang-keen *


2014 The Mineral Neuroplasticity Webring. Solo show @ Webspace.gallery Cipher: Refraction. Screening curated by Giselle Zatonyl @ CultureHub, NYC. Ancient Computing @ Museo Digital EspacioByte.org, Bs As, AR. Ways of Something. Curated by Lorna Mills. Premiere @ Oude kerk, Amsterdam. Real Resolution. Apparel Collection by HDXD @ after-affects.com 2013 Embedded curated by Excerpt Magazine @ Strange Neighbour. Melbourne, AUS. $A$$Y curated by Jirka Pfahl @ . Galerie Jaap Sleper, Utrech, NL. Value @ Idlescreenings. CUPCAKE / SPAMM Curated by Ellectra Radikal & Michaël Borras. NYC. 2012 Speed Show: Exterior Scrolls. Curated by Rick Silva & Justin Waddell. Cyberspace Cafe. Calgary, CA FLYT0NG4S. With Manuel Orellana & Ignacio Nieto @ II Enc. de Circuitos Electrónicos Open Hardware. Technosexo. Curated by Felipe Bracelis. Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano, Santiago CL Moving the Still: A GIF Festival. Presented by Tumblr and Paddle8. Miami, US BYOB Caracas II. Curated by Helena Acosta & Miyö Van Stenis. Caracas, Venezuela. VideoSur. Curated by Anabel Vazquez & Liz Munsell. Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia. 2011 The Real and the Represented. Curated by Hillary Wiedemann @ Little Paper Planes, Oakland, CA. SPEED SHOW: YOUR BROWSER IS MY KINGDOM. speedshow.net at or@nien net. Berlin, De. 2010 Videosur. Experimental shorts from Argentina, Chile & Brazil. Curated by Liz Munsell. Museum of Fine Arts. Boston, US. Browsing, Internet Archaeology. Curated by Silvia Saitoc & Matei Samihaian. Bucharest, Ro. Memory Card. Tactile Gallery, online. tactilegallery.com. 2008-2005 [BELONG HERE]. Curated by Jorge Sepúlveda Centro Cultural de España, Santiago CL. Glbitches @ ASIMTRIA, Arequipa, Peru. La letra y el cuerpo. Centro Cultural Palacio la Moneda, Santiago, CL Proyecto Desarrollo Infraestructural de Cumshot.cl. FONDART. Santiago, CL Brazilophonies. Cumshot Records @ V Bienal Mercosur. Curated by Justo Pastor Mellado, Porto Allegre, Br.


Ancient Computing. Research. 2012-ongoing
powerpoints.tumblr.com. Browsing artifacts collection. 2008-ongoing
Infinito.gif. Cutarorial. 2011-2012
Researcher @ Internetarchaeology.org. 2010-?.
Cumshot.cl / Cumshot Records. Founder. 2001-2007


with HDXD
Demoticon. Maligna, Mexico DF 2013

as Megajoy
Yonaguni. Michitarex, Santiago CL 2012 Avidya, 2009

as Asa de lippes
Aliteraciones, Cumshot Records, 2004 Armonía universal, Cumshot Records, 2005 Catastro, 2006 Plétora, 2007 Siete piezas instalables, 2007 Moid, 2007

with The Rhizomatic Youth
Audiogestalt. Cumshot Records, 2006

as Monoxido
Hipate. Cumshot Records, 2004


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